• Meg Cousins

Autumn in Germany

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. I love watching the leaves change colour and smell the crisp air as it begins to get cold. This year I spent a few weeks of autumn in the black forest in Germany. This was an amazing place to experience the season.

I was able to spend my time walking through the grand landscape, eating the many tasty cakes, drinking some nice lagers, and throwing the ball for this large handsome fellow.

The children who came also thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They smelled the flowers in the meadows, carefully selected many sticks from the woods, and climbed as much as they were able.

It was a wonderful trip. We are now back in Sudbury again and taking bookings! We are nearly booked for November with only 2 slots left. So if you want an Autumn shoot, email stourvalleycreative@gmail.com as soon as you can!

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