• Meg Cousins

Big Spoon Little Spoon Sling Portraits

Last Sunday morning was so cold my nose had changed to a fairly unflattering red colour. I hardly noticed since the sun was shining, which seems to be a rare occasion this time of year. I found myself surrounded by beautiful babies and toddlers wrapped up in their coats and hats with pom poms, all being carried close to their parents in slings. I was taking portraits for a local, independently owned company called Big Spoon Little Spoon, owned by husband & wife team Kirsty & Luke.

I have used slings with my little ones and have found them practical, beneficial for bonding, helpful for napping, and great for being able to make myself a sandwich while keeping baby happy! Slings are also wonderful for getting close up portraits of the little ones.

If you are interested in Big Spoon Little Spoon, check out their website http://www.bigspoon-littlespoon.co.uk/ If you would like a professional portrait session for your business, please contact me at stourvalleycreative@gmail.com.

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