• Meg Cousins

Radiant Ruby Turns 4

Turning 4 is so magical! They’ll never be 3 again. Growing taller, losing the last of the baby chub, becoming well-spoken and independent. They are starting to understand not just their family world but the wider world around them. They are forming friendships, some of which might even last their lifetimes! They are learning to understand written language. They have their own desires and dislikes. Some of these things can make this age trying at times for the parents who are raising them, but for onlookers it is a wonderful sight to behold. I often think to my own children, ‘Be strong willed and independent, just not with me!’

I was so pleased I was able to attend a magical unicorn birthday for little Ruby, who is one of my daughter’s close friends. I have been lucky enough to watch her grow from only a few weeks old all the way to the confident, happy, polite little girl she is today. She is a playful, clever, funny child and I’m very lucky that my daughter has such a lovely friend to grow up with.

The party really was magical. All the little eyes widened in excitement at the sight of the unicorn bouncy castle, the bubbles galore, and all the sweeties they could get their tiny hands on. There was facepainting (Check out RB Faces: https://www.facebook.com/RBfaces/ ), pin the horn on the unicorn (say that three times fast!), and cake. It was a beautiful sight to behold all the littles running around together full of joy.

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