• Rebecca Robinson

Running. Just because we can.

Parkrun has become synonymous with parks up and down the country over the last few years, and Clare Castle Country Park is no exception. Recently I had the pleasure of switching my running shoes for my camera at my local parkrun and I really enjoyed seeing a different side to the event. When I look through my camera I can focus on people and their emotions, far more than I do when I'm thinking about my own run.

Before the start I saw the slight apprehension which always exists, even though it’s not a race. I could feel the buzz of everyone wanting to get moving. And there’s nothing quite like watching 150 people suddenly take off towards you (I got out of the way pretty quickly!).

I love the mix of people you get there. From the front runners, with their 100 runs t-shirts, who push themselves to get their personal best and then follow it up with a 10 mile jog home; to those at the back for whom this is a huge challenge and are so pleased with themselves just for being able to finish. When I don’t have my camera, I am one of those at the back. Nothing resembling a natural runner, but so proud that after years of trying, I can now complete a whole 5k without walking or stopping.

Parkrun is different for everyone. Every runner challenges themselves, but each and every one ends in a powerful and proud moment as they cross the line, and scan their code into the system.

If you’ve not tried it yet, please take a look at their website and give it a go. All levels are wholeheartedly welcomed, from walkers to sprinters. Running with the group is very different to going it alone and can help you achieve far more than you ever thought you could.

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